17 September, 2009

How The World Works

It is interesting how this world works.  

Today I will have lunch with my daughter’s extended family on her dad’s side – my “in-laws” so to speak.  I have spent the last month enjoying them via e-mail and phone conversations… and today we will lunch together for the first time.  

They learned of my daughter, this amazing member of their family, just over a month ago… so the love exchanged has been simply amazing.  I have opened my heart and my life to share the Diva with her family – and they have embraced not only her, but me too.

The world works in mysterious ways… and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  

I have a feelng that it is going to be a lunch full of laughter and love and heeling!!


justrun said...

What a journey you've had, and a blessing that it's led right into another journey. You're very strong. Best wishes!

dadshouse said...

Wow, big moment. Enjoy it. I love your attitude. It's springing from your heart.