16 September, 2009

Birthday Gift

Today is the birthday of a person who is dear to my heart.  He might not want to believe that right now, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  Of late, I have a feeling that he sees me as more the enemy than someone who loves him – which is sad, but isn’t that the way life works sometimes? 

And given the negative feelings he may have toward me, I feel it is that much more important for me to send love and thanks and birthday wishes to him.  Didn’t someone wise once say “love thy enemy” after all?

Thus, without further ado, let me send a very happy birthday wish out to this man – this man who allowed me to discover what it meant truly to love unconditionally and allowed me to figure it out and practice it with him.  That man who has most recently helped me learn how to forgive – and how forgiveness is ever linked to unconditional love.  This same man has reminded me of the importance of boundaries, my ever lasting belief in honesty, and the importance of personal integrity in all of our lives.    Without him, I would not have worked through  lessons on trusting my instincts and surrendering to the moment  and the time and trusting that we are each exactly where we are meant to be.  I, believe it or not, had to be reminded that I am not in control of everything, I don’t want that control, and I truly don’t have to understand the world around me.  I am here to love, to live and to learn… and this man, knowingly and without knowing, has helped to further my journey in all these areas and that many more. 

He has reminded me that taking a risk is important – that risks motivated by love are amazing.  And, that with closed doors come open windows when one takes the time to see them. 

Through this man and this experience and all that I have from him, I have learned many things for which I am grateful.  Perhaps one of the most important is to trust my heart, believe in love and my instincts, and that I am too beautiful for words!

Thank you my dear friend and Happy Birthday.  I wish you love and peace in your new year – and the contentment you are in a hurry to find.



(And here is the world’s best hamburger recipe… just in case you feel like cooking outside  and savoring the pleasure of a deck, nature, great friends, and fall in Virginia.)   


Momma Sunshine said...

It's good that you are able to see the gifts that this man has given to you...

dadshouse said...

What a wonderful, warm sentiment to send this man who brings so many challenges into your life.