16 November, 2009

Waiting to be Discovered

My life is a talk show just waiting to be discovered.  I can’t tell you how often people say – “you should write articles.”  Or “This story should be a book.”  While I personally think that it is a case for the psychological journals – a case study that would keep psychology students busy for years, if not decades, as they try to unravel the various aspects and nuances.  

Jerry Springer has also been suggested though, to be honest, I am not sure that I am up for that one.  It just doesn’t hold the appeal that feature articles in the Washington Post or the New York Times do.  And then there is Judge Judy or Court TV… because those are forums that don’t hold the drama but still attract a wide variety of watchers!

The most common suggestion, however, is Oprah.  I should take this story and its players to Oprah.  As crazy as that sounds, I would do it I think.  Should the Oprah show be reading, drop me a line.  This story is waiting to be discovered and resolved!!

1 comment:

dadshouse said...

At least you aren't thinking along the lines of The FBI's Most Wanted. We watched that show this past weekend.

Everyone has a story, and yours is quite unique, I must say!! Oprah all the way. There is a way to suggest stories to her, you know... check her website.