17 November, 2009


Over the weekend I started experiencing bouts of shaking.  

Hands freezing off and on

Feet freezing off an on

And shaking… just shaking.  

High emotions with no output – no avenue of release

Although much of this dissipated as the weekend progressed, it didn’t go away.  

I have energy  - energy without a lot of ability to stand still and be.  

I want to move and keep moving

My fingers type without really having anything to write

My mind flits having difficulty landing on one subject or falling into the intoxicating power of writing.

I want to move and do and be but I don’t want to do anything or be anywhere or anything else.  

I am in the moment… fully… and yet that moment is full of energy and movement.

It has been the oddest weekend and the oddest beginning to the week.   

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dadshouse said...

Just breathe. Acknowledge all the feelings and emotions going through you. Observe them without judgment. Find beauty in the miracle that you are experiencing these new things. Just breathe.