02 December, 2009



Every day I think about the choices that I make.  Some of them are small while others are fairly significant.    Some of them are about me while most of them are not.  And some of them are choices that I don’t realize I am making.  But there are choices from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep, we are engaged in making choices.  

Many choices are easy to make – do I wear the blue shirt or the green?  Do I have cereal for breakfast or toast?  Do I let the barista pick my drink or do I change up and do something different today?

These are choices that largely don’t impact anyone else… or at least their impact is one that is not considered.  

Other choices are, or seem, much larger.  Do I try and cross the road even though I can’t really tell how fast that car is coming?

Do I say yes to that man who just asked me out?

Do I let this conversation push my buttons or do I just let it go?

Do I take work home, or do I leave it in the office?


Sometimes the choice is more easy to make than is the responsibility that we must take for that choice and its out come.  

Yet, that is what is required, that is what life is about.  Life is about making the choice, taking responsibility for that choice, and realizing that we are accountable.  We can not blame the results of our choice on others nor can we blame the situation.  We made the choice, we can change the choice, and in both cases, we are responsible; we are accountable.  


I find so much hope in the knowledge that I have choices!

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justrun said...

Oy. And having to live by them.