01 December, 2009

Move Over Blonds...

“I always pictured you with someone…statuesque.” A friend smiles as we talk.  

There is no accounting for love or chemistry or timing… things happen.  Choices are made.  We find ourselves drawn to this man or that woman sometimes without any clear understanding as to why beyond the feelings that flood through us and lift us to different levels.  

Personally, I always pictured myself with the tall dark and handsome guy too.  A friend of mine once predicted that I would find a tall, fit, dark haired, green eyed, Navy officer to enrich my life.  Oh, how I wanted her to be right!  Physically speaking, that was  the type of man I found attractive.  

Yet, reviewing my history, the men have been mostly blonds.

Not just blonds but blonds with blue eyes.  

They have been shorter than tall.  

One of the lot had dark hair – great dark curly hair.  I say “had” as the guy is now one of my dearest friends and is losing his hair.  That’s life.  

But for me it was the blonds.  Despite my dreams of dark hair and tall statures, my reality looked quite different.

Physical attraction  and types are interesting to observe.  I love hearing the physical type people would choose for me while knowing all along that it is the person and character and humor that are key.  I enjoy looking at couples and wondering if they always looked to similar?  Or What drew him to her or her to him?  Or Wow, now that is a couple I would never have put together!  All based on looks of course.  

And looks are just that, looks.  They are all on the outside.  

Even though the men to which I have been drawn in the past have been blonds, I am sure I was drawn to something similar about their personalities and characters.    Something about each of those men allowed me a chance to give and to receive something I didn’t have before.  

And yet, the dark haired guys… ah, they are definitely catching my attention of late.  

Perhaps my friend’s prediction from years ago is going to manifest… Dark haired men are everywhere.  They are smiling and attractive.  They laugh with joy.  They are tall and have great eyes.  The possibilities are endless!

Then again, that blond with the dimple was definitely cute…



dadshouse said...

I tried dating a blonde once. I really did. I'm just not into blondes! My head turns hard for brunettes with olive skin. It's in my DNA. You are more open-minded than me. :-)

Sorrow said...

it's always the laugh..
that turns my head,
it's the way they listen, I never really had a "type" perhaps that why I dated both men and women...
nothing makes my heart roll like a deep chuckle, and some one who looks at me and really hears me...
Hoping for a bit of dark haired romance with a great laugh for you this holiday...