11 December, 2009

Warm Fuzzy Sox

Winter has arrived in my part of the country.  We have experienced our first snow fall.  We are enjoying a wind chill of 12F.  The heaters are running, the scarves are out, and my fingers crave the warmth of wool gloves whenever possible. 

Winter has arrived even though I wasn’t quite ready!

This morning I went to the drawer to grab socks.  I wanted something warm.  I wanted something fuzzy.  I wanted something… warm!!

It should surprise no one, therefore, that I left the house in shoes with bright red, treads on the bottom, wonderfully warm, fuzzy socks!!

Did they match my outfit?


Did I care?


My feet were warm.  That is what mattered most.  

It also might come as no surprise that I actually considered leaving the warm, fuzzy, RED socks on when I arrived at the office, dress code or not!

I didn’t… and yet, it is noon… there aren’t many people here… and red goes well with black…and my feet are chilly… and I believe those warm, fuzzy socks are calling my name!




Anonymous said...

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Mama Llama said...

heh...I need more than warm feet, although if my feet aren't warm, I am miserable. If my back is cold, then I have no hope.
It has been chilly of late. I'm never really ready for the onset of Winter, but I still find myself hoping for a white Christmas--it's the romantic in me. The only White Christmas I've ever had was a foggy one...

Be well, TE!

Anonymous said...
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