27 January, 2010


“Everybody’s got a laughing place…” – Song of the South


I love to laugh.  The feeling of laughing whether it be giggles or the kind of laugh that comes straight from the heart or deep in the chest or from the center of my stomach.  I just love to laugh. 

And once I get the giggles, well, it isn’t always easy to keep them from bubbling forward in pure merriment and joy. 

I have frustrated various men as I play and laugh and giggle while they are truly prepared to get down to business and um, take care of business.  For some reason men don’t often find giggles seductive or stimulating.  I just don’t get that.  Sure there is a time and a place, but honestly, isn’t a part of intimacy supposed to be creativity and playful fun?

I digress…

I love to laugh. 

And I do really laugh out loud at my computer should something strike that funny bone. 

Yesterday, between meetings and writing technical documents, I took a moment to read Powered by Laughter… and wow… I could relate to Katie and her words.  I am there.  I am a believer.  How do I find ways to laugh more and have more fun.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t take life seriously, as I do… but there is only so much deep and serious introspection and contemplation I can do in a day or in a week.  It isn’t that I want to escape the situations in my life either.  As those who know me will observe, working through the lessons and the situation and my feelings is something that doesn’t send me running to bury my head in the sand.  However,  taking care of me means… laughing!

Taking care of me means finding that laughing place and giggling, chuckling, chortling, and belly laughing to my heart’s content.  It means being a kid again with silly jokes and dances and running down the sidewalk with my arms in the air in a perfect imitation of Kermit the Frog… it means gazing up at the sun in pure wonder or opening my mouth wide to catch raindrops. 

It is creativity and play and laughing and having oh so much fun!!

And sharing that same way of life with my daughter and those around us. 

This is what I thought as I stood waiting for my coffee this morning singing “My Girl”  and tapping my foot thinking of my girl herself and her wonderful smile and warm heart. 

These were my thoughts as I walked with that girl yesterday and we belted out different songs seeing who could sing the loudest.  While Katie was talking about Car Dancing For the Greater Good – my girl and I were sidewalk singing and dancing for the love of life.  I have never noticed how others look at us, but I do hope that they smile because we are really having a great time.  It would be nice to think that our joy is contagious! 

Laughter – levity – joy – playfulness…

I love these aspects of my life and am celebrating them – and am looking for more possibilities to laugh!




Mama Llama said...

Your laughter is one reason why I LOVE our coffee dates! You always wear a smile and the laughter flows so naturally from your soul--laughing is something I am having to learn to do. I just don't laugh enough and have been told for years that I need to laugh much more. I don't know why I'm so serious when I really do LOVE to laugh.

Keep laughing, TE. It will keep you sane and healthy! And maybe it will start rubbing off on me...

Be well.

bellylaughday said...

On January 24, Global Belly Laugh Day you are not the exception. On Global Belly Laugh Day we celebrate the great gift of laughter. The celebration is playful, easy and fun. On January 24 1:24 p.m. (your local time) smile, throw your arms in the air and laugh out loud. Join the Belly Laugh Bounce Round the World.
I look forward to catching your joy.
with a smile and a belly laugh,
Elaine Helle

Lance said...

Laughter and silliness are a great way to just feel lighter and more carefree! And that's a great thing - whether you are walking down the street...or connecting with love in the bedroom... So, keep on being you, and loving life!