05 January, 2010

It's Tuesday

I can’t believe it is already Tuesday.  I can’t believe that I don’t have a post lined up and ready to go – and that I am about to post this!!  

There is a lot going on…

I could type about dogs eating chocolate out of stockings and playing havoc with a box…

I could write about left over ice cream and left over cake being used to celebrate a birthday…

I could write about my new phone that is more confusing than anything else.  How in the world do I change the ring tones so that I know who is calling without looking or answering?  I mean, honestly, there are some people to whom I would prefer not speaking with from time to time… and at other times, you know, those times… I prefer only taking those calls that are important or child in need based.  

I could ponder about the age at which a child might wax their brows and maybe how this might impact their self image if stated at the wrong time or by the wrong person or not made obviously a joke…

Or… I could type about the cold and the wind and the revenge that Canada is taking on the DC area.  I have no idea what we did this time but please, Canada forgive us as these winds are just brutal!!  (And then I count my blessings that I don’t live in the Midwest or northern tear anymore!)

There are lots of things I could type about and will eventually get to, but not today.  Today is Tuesday… and I am still adjusting to being back at work, and writing 2010 on my checks (yes, I still write out checks), and wondering when I will make it to the bank.  I am thinking about Young Frankenstein – the musical I will see this week and looking forward to an active theater winter should snow allow.  

And I am trying to figure out what my word is for 2010!!  In retrospect, my word for 2009 was change… not just little change but complete upheaval, life turned upside down, and impacting change.  

So I need to find a word for 2010… I want a word that recognizing hope and opportunity and evolution and adventure and love and laughter!!  A word that captures flight into the unknown with an open heart and mind while the grounding of perspective and integrity.  

I am still thinking and am open to suggestions.  

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

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dadshouse said...

When I got my new cell phone, I handed it over to my kids to set up all the ringtones and short cuts. I love having a personal tech assistant or two!!!!!