06 January, 2010

The Dance

Somewhere at some point in the last few days or even the last few weeks, I heard the song “The Dance” for the first time in a very long time.  Not only was this a great two stepping song during my college days (yes, I do a mighty fine two step thank you very much), it is a song with words that ring true to me.  

Life is a dance.  It is a give and take – a lead and a follow – and it is a partnership that requires selflessness and cooperation.

The change of one year into the next often asks people (okay, the year doesn’t ask, but often people feel the need) to reflect on the year past and the events of that year.  When I heard this song once again, I found myself reflecting on the year past and the events of that year as well.  There was a bit of pain and a bit of chaos.  2010 will be riding the wake and jumping the ripples of the stones that fell during 2009, and yet, you know…I have to wonder…

The song says that life is better left to chance suggesting that if we realized the pain and discomfort we would experience, we would not engage; we would not join hands and dance.  

I wonder about that.  

Throughout my life, I have never not accepted a dance request.  I love the dance; the chances that we take; and the situation that unfolds even with the pain and sorrow that might come with the movements.  

No regrets; no casting blame; no shirking responsibilities.  

I accepted the offer to dance with my eyes open, and I would do it again.  

As in any dance, it takes two… or even a group.  

I have never regretted stepping out on the floor and moving to the music, but I have often wondered if I was the only one of the dancing couple that felt that way?  

While I celebrated the dance, did my partner find the music too loud; the rhythm too slow; and the outcome too painful?

Does it matter?

I have danced as a couple for years – and now we start a new dance to very different music.  But while we enter that different phase, I am going to start learning to dance on my own again to my own music.  I am going to let the music move me – no partner involved.  I want to remember just how life can be and how strong I am, on my own.  I want to teach and show my daughter how easy it is to dance without a partner and that the beauty of life and dancing is feeling the music and movements within and recognizing and embracing all that life offers… partner or not.  

Life is a dance… but it is a dance that we can enjoy as a solo.  It is fun to share that dance, and yet… a partner is not necessary!

If I had not danced, I would not have grown – I would not have experienced the pain and the sadness and the frustration… and I would not have a gorgeous daughter.  

Stepping out


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Mama Llama said...

Life *is* a dance, TE. That is true. It is funny you write this figuratively, as I am missing dancing in a very literal sense right now. The closeness, the coordination and the voiceless communication between two bodies that is completely sexual yet not at all sexual at the same time draws me like few activities can attract me.

But yes...in Life we must all choose our steps and our rhythms. When in coordination with another, excellent. But the strong flamenco and the sensual belly dance oft are danced solo, attracting attention and admiration for she who can express her own rhythm.

Be well, TE.