19 January, 2010

The Mess

Life is messy.  

It isn’t this nice little thing that happens with great reason and comprehension on our part.  

It is more like we are cars on this great series of roads – sometimes the roads are paved and some times the car works perfectly… and yet we never know when we will hit the pot hole, when another driver will come along, or when we will have to move off the freeway onto the pitted gravel road.  

Life is messy.  

It is about the unexpected, the unpredictable, and the obsticals.  

He and I sat together Monday morning contimplating… life.  

There is that general idea, we agreed, that it would be nice to have life be clean and tidy.  To be able to pick things up and put them away as easily as we do the kitchen after a wonderful meal.  Everything would be left pristine and tidy – no mess – no fuss.  

I raised my eye brow… and we shared a smile and a chuckle… and how boring it would be.  

I know lots of people who would prefer to live their lives  as clinicly as possible.  Schedules, models, nice boxes that hold everything neatly before the box is wrapped in briliant paper and then tied with a gorgeous bow.  Everything tidy – mess free.  Business deal finished; legal case closed.  

I wonder how often their lives unfold in this manner?  How often does everything  fall into place just… so?

My life is messy.  I never know what is going to happen next.  This doesn’t trouble me nor do I spent time focusing on it.  Life unfolds as it will with my making choices along the way.  I don’t expect it to turn out like I want it to – and realize that I might not really know how I want it to look anyway.  

It is a bit of chance, a lot of choice, and continually opening the heart and the mind to see the opportunities or to learn from the mistakes and the choices made.  

Althoughh aving a clean and tidy life sounds kind of nice, over coffee and a fun breakfast, he and I agreed that… we will take the mess.  We will go through the sadness and the pain and work through the lessons… and live life as it unfolds.  


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