20 January, 2010

Trust, Respect, and Love

Dishonesty is a difficult obstacle for me to work through.  I can choose not to trust, to move on and love anyway.  This is something that I have done several times.  It is when the relationship is on going that it becomes more difficult.  

It is that process of reviewing the entire relationship with another and questioning… was that a lie?  Is there more to this than I know?

It is the wondering in every conversation – is this true or false?  Is there an omission?  What am I missing?

Dishonesty goes hand-in-hand with disrespect.  I have yet to figure out how to respect someone when I have chosen not to trust them based on past dishonesty, omission, and cheating?

Can I do the same with respect that I do with trust?  Can I elect not to respect someone as I elect not to trust them?

And then the kicker, can I give love from a distance all while choosing neither to trust or respect another?

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Mama Llama said...

Those are tough thoughts, TE. I've battled with many of those same issues for a long time. I consciously realize I am omitting information with certain friends in certain relationships, especially based on how I judge the other's emotional state--does this make me a liar? bad? or merely "diplomatic"? It is a tough line, and I think one that must be judged case-by-case.

Very good post, profoundly succinct.

Be well, TE.