18 February, 2010


The topic is beauty.  

Write about beauty.  

I sit at my computer and consider this term.  We all know it when we see it as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  For some, beauty is what is valued.  We strive t manages physical beauty in ourselves and our children and our partners.  Others surround themselves with beauty – art work, furniture, textures, music.  The beauty is embodied in the objects  and meant to create a beautiful environment.  

Beauty means so many different things at different times and to different people.  

Where I find the tapestry of a field of wildflowers to be beautiful, another might yearn for the structure of an English flower garden.  

Where I find beauty in energy another might find it in a purely visual sense.  

Today, on this Thursday in the snowiest winter in Virginia’s documented weather history, I find beauty in the most simple things:

The black ice that turns the parking lot into a patch work of windows reflecting my image as I slide by – my image sparkling in brilliant sunlight.

The feel of my finger tips hitting the keys as my words pour onto the virtual paper before my eyes.

The smile of the security guard as I walk through the building doors.

The words of friends, far and near, that greet me in my inbox.

My daughters hand in mine, her hair gently curving around her face, her huge snow boots clomping along beside me as we walk and laugh our way to school.

And the birds – the birds singing and chirping as if they are delighted with the warmer temperatures today and the brightness of the snow and the brilliant blue skies and the glorious sun… and life.  


It is in the eye of the beholder – and it isn’t always what we imagine it to be nor does it always look the way we think it should.

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