16 February, 2010

Morning Adventures

Sometimes it is just a matter of a change of attitude – a change of thought.  When I slipped on the ice this morning, I found myself laughing.  Thankfully I didn’t fall, but I laughed at the joy of the moment.  I remember the thrill of sliding on the snow and the ice.  I remember the fearlessness of doing it all without a thought as to broken bones or bruises or the distance between my upper body and the ground and the effects of gravity.  I just loved the thrill of the moment and the snow and the ice and the excitement of it all.  

That is where I found myself this morning as I wove my way through walls of ice and snow on sidewalks that were more like open air tunnels in the far north over peaceful neighborhood sidewalks on the northern fringe of the South.  

It is this explorer and adventurer who climbed over trees uprooted by either the storms or the plows or a combination of both before putting courage to the test and stepping onto the non-existent shoulder of the narrow Virginia road.  It was me battling the elements.  Me taking on the dragons in order to fulfill my mission to get to work before it was time to return to the bus stop.  In dark blue armor and barely sufficient snow boots (given the feet of snow) I set forth with determination.  

Adding a bit of humor, a desire to laugh, and a great imagination to my commute this morning changed it from a real pain in the neck to a wonderful delight.  Thus, when I slipped and slid my way through the parking lot next to my office, I found myself laughing out loud.  

The joy of the journey  reminded me of something that is becoming a part of my life of late – perspective is the one thing in my life that I can change without much, if any, help from others.  I can change my reaction  or action or thinking on something within a minute and suddenly, everything looks a bit different.  Granted, it isn’t always easy to change perspective, but when it happens, it can be a delight.

In the midst of the aftermath of huge snow falls, I find myself becoming an agent of change.  I find myself turning different things on their heads or throwing in a sense of humor… and looking for a means of being grateful.  I can tell you that gratitude works wonders when it comes to perspective.  

In a few minutes I will venture into the world of cars and snow and non-existent sidewalks.  I will once again wear the mantel of the explorer and the adventurer ready to find the joy of the moments and the pleasure in the adventures as they come – and ready to laugh as snow falls into my boots and the sun turns the world around me into a crystal wonderland.  


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Mama Llama said...

What a way to Live Life, TE! Sometimes I wish I could just relax enough to be grateful in the most menial moments.

Good for you!!

Be well, TE.