10 February, 2010

House Bound

Blizzard warnings were posted first thing this morning. The wind rattled the upstairs windows sending my nose back under the covers. No school today. No walk to work. No sledding and no snowball fights. Today we are house bound. Today we have to make do and find a little bit of summer to warm our bodies and put smiles on snow tired faces.
Yesterday, taking advantage of the period between storms, we ventured to the store. Amazed at the state of the world around us, we like many, walked in the streets and delighted in all the snow. Earlier this week, we spent nearly 60 hours without power. It was an experience that left us counting our blessings for the roof over our heads and the abundance of quilts piled on the bed. For this next storm, we needed supplies, but we also needed a touch of summer and sun to enjoy a few more days inside - hopefully with power.
For us, there is nothing quite like strawberries to delight. A strawberry is like the best parts of early summer packaged in a bright package. It is a mouth full of laughter and smiles... and the shape is very fitting for February to boot!
So we bought strawberries.
And tocelebrate having electricity, we bought chocolate. Chocolate to melt. Chocolate for strawberry dipping!
Today, while some slip on very icy roads and others work from their homes and children throughout the area celebrate another snow day, I will delight in a taste of summer and a sneak peak at warm weather soon to come. Here's to strawberries, chocolate, and a celebration of a warm house on a cold snowy day!


dadshouse said...

Strawberries and chocolate are a wonderful combination. Keep warm!

L said...

"To celebrate having electricity." Ah, talk about perspective.

Stay safe and warm!