04 February, 2010

Snow Day

The clock read 5:00 when I turned on the radio to find out whether there was enough snow to cancel school.  Looking out the window, I couldn’t tell, but a two hour delay looked like a good plan especially given that temperatures were to be in the 40’s.  

But, the powers that be decided that the county needed a snow day more than its President’s day holiday on the 15th.  So...


First order of business for my overjoyed daughter… wake up early to hear the news for herself.  Then it was down to flip on the TV only to return a bit later to dive into the bed, cuddle under the covers, and read another 100 pages of Lightening Thief.  

We ventured out about 10:30 in need of coffee and a snack.  

I found myself stunned at the lack of snow.  I am sure that somewhere, in this very populated and school filled county, there were places that experienced an amount of snow that justified a snow day, after all, it wasn’t just our county that closed but the neighboring counties as well.  But when we went out, the roads were completely clear, the snow was melting significantly, and there just wasn’t that much snow on the ground .  

That said, the best snow days are those that involved warm temperatures and great snow… which is exactly what we had.  

Our trip to buy snow day supplies (I mean, you have to have the “fun” stuff for the snow days, am I right?) included making fun tracks, building the biggest snowballs possible, and laughing as snow fell from tree limbs above plopping on our heads.  

After coffee and snacks we came home to try sledding (snow as too melty), but we built an igloo!!  It even has a roof!!

Cheeks kissed by the sun, I found my way inside to actually work (it wasn’t a snow day for everyone after all) while the kid played with her neighborhood friends.

There is a magic that happens when the snow falls.  When the radio announcer declares that it is a “Snow Day!”  As adults there is a temptation to stress about the roads and the work that won’t be completed and finding child care… and yet, if we have the chance to take a bit of a snow day ourselves… it is like being a kid again.  

I found myself laughing with the silly tracks and sliding down the little hills.  My daughter’s biggest snow ball had nothing on mine, thank you very much… and I couldn’t lift either of them to build that monster snowman we had planned (which is why we went with an igloo)

A snow day is a bit of a winter vacation  - an unexpected treat in the middle of what could be a long winter – and this is turning into a snow filled and long winter!!  More snow on the way – more igloos to build, sledding to do, and fun to be had.  More snow days!!


Mama Llama said...

And yet another today. And tomorrow? I guess we shall see what the County deems necessary. Then another storm...we may never get Summer break!!

Be well, TE.

Mark said...

I love that you embraced this Snow day! Your spirit vibrates off of the pages.