11 March, 2010

That Spark...

“I think you are probably more memorable than am I” the man next to me said as we chatted.  I laughed it off having no idea what to say or actually what he might have met by the comment.  We are all memorable.  We all have a spark that makes us who we are and could stick in the minds of those we meet.  

His comment had me considering – what comment doesn’t?  

What is it about me that people might remember?

What is that sparkle that might stick in the mind of another?

To be frank, I honestly don’t know because I don’t see myself from the outside.  I don’t see the person that I present to the world at large (in private, yes, but not in public)

I wondered what it is that people see…

A woman in her thirties with a pony tail and a determination to wear sandals and shorts as long as possible.  Well, that could be memorable as sometimes the weather isn’t exactly conducive to that type of shoe or pant.  

The hair – true… in that not a lot of people wear pony tails around here… and they don’t have hair like mine anyway.  

And this is all the physical.

I believe that people have an essence or a spark that is really what stands out and makes them unique.  It is that which people remember as it is that which gives people depth and makes them real.  

It is the sound of a laugh, the brilliance of a smile, the carriage of the shoulders and head

It is an openness of the face or the sense that one is approachable

A vitality that indicates a love for… something…

We recognize people via their physical appearance, but I do think it is something more that makes us remember them and colors the way that they are remembered.  


Sorrow said...

Yes, it is the sum isn't it?
not the cadence or the words, but the essence of what was said. Not the beauty or the adornments but the light that shines thru, nothing remains but the way they made us feel.
I like the way it feels to come here...

Mama Llama said...

There is a feel, a connection, that I remember much more than any physical detail. That comfort draws me to others, while repelling me when I just don't feel it.

Great thoughts, TE. Be well.