09 April, 2010

Flirty Breeze - Spring

Yesterday I found myself restless.  Beautiful weather graced this area all week – all week I found myself spending long hours in my office.  Restlessness got the best of me yesterday as I threw up my hands, locked my computer, grabbed the first elevator, and professionally “bolted” out the front doors. 

Ah… the breeze blew against bare legs

The wind ran its fingers through my hair tossing it playfully leaving me smiling with the joy of it (and not thinking of the tangles and knots forming)

I smiled as I walked, spring fever getting the best of me I think.  I couldn’t help but lift my head to watch the sky and the clouds and the leaves. 

After a year of change and evolution and growth, I feel revitalized.  I am free to be… me. 

And being me is a pretty good thing!

My venture outside ended earlier than I would have liked, but the work called as did the knowledge of an anticipated early departure.  I soon found myself back at my desk, still a bit restless, and noting, for the first time in months, something missing from my life… something that I love… flirting. 

I can blame it on spring fever, or the clouds of pollen that whipped through the air yesterday dancing on the breeze or I can simply admit that I  like flirting and the connection that it brings between people.  I like the laughter, the lightness, and the silly and playful flirtations. 

It isn’t that I haven’t been casually flirting, it is that yesterday I noticed that I miss that connection and that silliness more than I did the day before or the week before that. 

I always think of flirting as an adult form of being playful.  It is just… fun.

And thus I picked up my phone and dialed.

I picked up my phone and flirted – as out of practice as I am, I laughed and giggled and had fun. 

I haven’t done the sexy text message for a while (though they can be fun too) but soon, perhaps. 

Spring has arrived – and like the trees and the flowers around me, I am blooming!

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dadshouse said...

I love how you describe the wind in your hair. For you to simply notice that is a sign you are vibrant and alive with spring!