08 April, 2010

Word of 2010

For the past few months I have considered various words that would be the theme of my 2010.  How to pick a word that is the theme of the year?  It isn’t easy.  There are lots of words that I considered – love, grace, release, adventure, change... And all or each of these words would have been very fitting.  I am sure that the year will be filled with all of these, not to mention, laughter, family, silliness, songs, balance, gratitude…

So many words…


I could only choose one…

The word I have chosen, after much thought – actually little thought and more intuition…


This year, 2010, is, for me, about being open.

It is about being open to myself

Open to my daughter

Open to life as it unfolds

Open to possibilities

Open to trust

Open to the path not seen and the journey

Open to the moments of the day

Open heart

Open mind

Open arms

Open to acceptance

Open to family and friends – old and new

Open to ideas

Open to letting go

It is simply a year that is about spreading my wings and seeing that the world is open, spread out before me… the sky isn’t just the limit – the sky is everywhere and the limits are non-existent. 


Mama Llama said...

I like that. A very, very good word, filled with strength!

Be well, TE.

L said...

From what I know, I'd use that to describe you, too. :)

whynotstartnow said...

That is a wonderful word. And has so many metaphorical meanings too. I was just talking with a client today about this. "Opening the doors and windows" by which she meant the doors and windows inside her internal house. Letting the breeze in. I'd never before thought of a word for my year, but I think mine has already picked me rather than me picking it. The word is "meaning."

Martian said...

Exception, may you be blessed and happy in this 2010. You certainly have the right frame of mind, and you know what they say, "people make their own luck."

The Exception said...

Thank you all for your thoughts... It has been quite a year thus far... and I am "open" to each day and what it offers...

Now, if I could get the resident Martian to send me some veggies and the local Llama to share her garden...;)

And L - I took up running while on spring break in KY!!

And Patty - Thanks. It is an internal and an external word as being open to the moments and to life kind of requires opening the internal and just... being open. I think the word kind of chose me too.

Sorrow said...

Open, an interesting choice..
it will be fascinating to see how this word plays thru your days...