26 April, 2010

Lack of Focus

My mind flits this morning.  

A hummingbird has taken up residents.

Last night I dropped into a heavy sleep with so many wonderful thoughts and ideas about which to write.  

This morning my mind is everywhere and no where.

It is considering the joys of the past weekend – of which there were so many.

It is pondering the week and scheduling all that needs to be done.

It is looking at today and noting that it is already nearing eleven.  

I have the desire to move out of my office and away from the computer and walk – just go for a walk to help my mind move from where it is to where it needs to be.  A change of scenery can do wonders, no?

But I have walked this morning.  I walked a while and found my mind flittering along, alighting on this and that and nothing in particular.

A few more meetings; a few more “must dos,” and then perhaps I can take a break, read a book, and remove myself from this flightiness.  Find the focus!!


Sara said...

Some days it's good to let the mind take wing and fly where it wants. Like the hummingbird, it will eventually find the right flower:~)

I like your site very much!!I'm from A Sharing Connection in case you wonder.

dadshouse said...

I have a humingbird in my yard that's been visiting each day. A thing of beauty. If your mind is being hummingbird-like, it will pass.

The Exception said...

Hi Sarah - Thanks for stopping by. I like your site too. My mind will settle when it is ready - or I will stop noticing the flitting about as I will get caught up in the moments of the next few days... My daughter has a big week and I will soon fine myself focused on living each part of it.

DH - Humming birds are amazing - but when they are in your head... 'oy!