23 April, 2010

What Day Is It Anyway?

The night was not one filled with great dreams and peaceful slumber.  I remember strange dreams and waking  quite frequently only to wake again hours later unaware that I had fallen asleep.  Perhaps it was the cup of coffee I didn’t have that afternoon as is my norm?  Perhaps it was sleeping with the window open for the first time in a week?  Or maybe it was the busy schedule that will be my life during the upcoming (and rain filled) weekend?

Whatever the case, my morning thoughts were of frustration and sorrow.  

My morning thoughts had me believing it was Saturday as I stepped into the shower.  

Yet, with all of this starting my day (or maybe because of it) I find myself smiling as I think of the littlest aspects of the last twenty-four hours…

A nice call with a wonderful Llama!!

Singing and dancing with my daughter.

Her absolute delight and “need to run” when we arrived home to find her new running shoes waiting for her.  

The creativity that flowed from her pen as she wrote a letter.  

Walking and chatting with one of the neighborhood residents with his dog.

The little green sprouts that are bigger and bigger each morning – the results of bulbs given to me while in Kentucky visiting family.  

It is thoughts like these that serve as the broom when I start hearing the frustration and sorrow filled thoughts in my head.  We all have our moments when such thoughts scatter and clutter things just a little.  And then there is a burst of song, a little dance step, a smile, a bit of sun shining on the green that only appears in Virginia in April… and there is no time to invest energy on the emotions.  They are swept away; left behind as I continue my journey.  


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Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful way to put it, remembering we have this internal broom to sweep away those moods. Your description of all those strands in your broom is lovely. You took me right into those experiences with you. So thank you!