05 April, 2010

A Quick Note

Thank you for your support and kind wishes throughout the last week.  It was a week that I will cherish in many ways – one that was challenging for all and I hope as enriching for everyone else as it was for me.  I have a lot to work through before I take to keyboard and write my thoughts and experiences, but write about them I will.

We arrived home on Easter Sunday ready to start a new month.  We were greeted by wonderful weather and Virginia’s spring embrace blooming with love and enthusiasm.  

We came home with more open hearts each beating with that much more love and compassion.  

We came back ready to face the ideas of others taking full responsibility for the choice to go, to share, and to give and receive – all of which we did.

So much to tell… so difficult at the moment to find the words.  

Happy April to all.  


dadshouse said...

Sounds inspiring!

L said...

So glad to hear it!

Mama Llama said...

How wonderful, TE!

Got some news for you--
Soon-to-be-Ex Mr. Llama was given deployment notice yesterday, just after our third mediation appointment. I'm not sure how this is going to play out.

We'll talk. Do you have time for coffee on either Thursday or Friday morning?

Be well, TE.

Mama Llama said...
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