11 May, 2010

Expecting Respect is too much to Expect?

“I think you’re expecting too much.    You need to expect nothing.”

So here is the question – is expecting to be treated with respect too much?

I am teaching my child to treat herself, others, and nature with respect.

I treat myself, others, and nature with respect.

Yet I am hearing that I am expecting too much to expect another to treat me with respect.  

This person doesn’t show respect, why not just walk away?

Walking away is not an option.  I am, for the unforeseeable future, asked to work with someone who wants to deny my very existence – and when that isn’t possible, disrespect seems to be the next best thing.

This is not acceptable – and yet it is behavior that I must, not only accept, work with.  It is apparently too much to expect to be treated with respect.  

This concept confuses me and leaves me feeling quite discouraged.

  And what is it modeling for my daughter?


TAG said...

If one reads between the lines and assumes the person whom you mean is your daughters father, this is both distressing and shameful.

You should not only expect respect, you should demand respect.

First, you deserve respect. (But that is not the most important thing.)

Second, your daughter is indeed paying attention. All kids pay attention to the grownups around them and how they act.

You know far better than I the details of your situation. But I suggest you carefully consider letting this other person know that you will not tolerate being treated poorly. You do not deserve that and you certainly do not want your daughter thinking that is acceptable behavior.

All the best.


Sorrow said...

Expectation is the root of all pain.
that being said, I tell my kids that you must lead from the front, and those who give you no respect, you give what you choose to give, but never expect them to change, it's not about them, it's about you, and your actions and what you are willing to live with , with in yourself.
Sorry, I would weave you better if I could...