03 May, 2010


“Lunch anyone?”  I typed as a joke at ten to 11 on a Thursday morning. 

I didn’t think anything about it as we are all busy with life and with kids and with work… and I had my very berry coffee cake ready to serve as lunch. 

“Today?” Came back one response

“We could do that Italian place” Came another

(Are they serious)

“If we do it, we have to leave now.  Exception, are you in?”

“I am downstairs waiting.”  I typed back – I wasn’t literally downstairs but I could be there in two minutes!

Suddenly I was meeting two of my laughing buddies for lunch!!

People, can I just say, I love spontaneity!


L said...

What a great reminder that whatever we're thinking, someone else probably is too. :)

TAG said...

Woo hooo. Enjoy for us.


Anonymous said...

You manifested a lovely lunch with friends:) Yay! Just imagine what else you can manifest when you let yoru heart lead:)

Anonymous said...

Now that is what I call true friendship! There's nothing better than dropping everything to share a meal with your pals. Fun!

The Exception said...

It was a wonderful surprise and a great way to start the day or in the middle of the day depending on how you look at it!

Mama Llama said...

OH! When I saw your title, I was hoping I wasn't too late. Turns out I'm a day late! :0

Rats. We'll get ours soon...

Be well, TE.

Sorrow said...

those friends are keepers!!!!