04 May, 2010

One Moment in Time

Ever have just one of those moments?  I am not just talking about any moment, but one of *those* moments!  The kind that stay with you, give you the warm fuzzies, or send tingles up your spine.  The kind that leave you feeling so very alive – the moment is just full!

They seem to be moments that are full in memory as well as when they are happening.  They don’t lose anything with time or perhaps the essence changes in a sense but the memory remains as full as it was during the experience itself. 

In the past few weeks, I have experienced a few of *those* moments – the kind that involve being there when everything is coming together and the moment *happens*.*    As a parent, I can tell you that it is a double shot, so to speak.  Not only do I have such moments as a person, but I get to have them as a parent too.

It is that smile that just creeps across my daughter’s face – You can see everything clicking into place… “that’s me!” (she says… and I capture the moment as one I will never forget)

Or when the race is over and the line is crossed, and I am a tingle with goose bumps as recognize all that occurred or had to happen to get to*this* point.  It lasts a moment, time slows perhaps, and then… there is noise and laughter and life returns to normal but it has changed a little as a *moment* has been experienced.  

It is that moment when sweat, hard work, and passion come together at center stage in tights and tutu and hair piece. 

It is that welling inside that leaves me smiling and saying out loud “I love you.”

Perhaps they are easier to capture when they are moments that occur as a parent.  There is a picture that was taken of me with my very newly arrived daughter that captures *those* moments so perfectly.  Despite the location and my lack of clothing, it captures an image (and only an image) of one of the most perfectly full and complete moments in my life.

And there are *those* moments that involve me, just me.  Moments that I savor like the juiciest of peaches picked straight from the tree.

I believe that we might get our 15 minutes of fame – center stage – spotlight just on us… but throughout our lives we are given moments.  Moments in our days, our weeks, our months… full and complete moments.  The trick is living so fully in the moment that we can recognize it for all that it is!   



Mama Llama said...

That is exactly right. Of moments is what life is made and it is up to us to create and embrace those moments!

I'm doing better there. Less living in the past, more enjoying watching the baby cardinals learning to get their worms in the morning. Life IS good!

Be well, TE.

L said...

So true. It's all about the moments. Wonderful post!

Sorrow said...

Those moments are pure Grace.. and I hold them in me .. and savor!