04 June, 2010

For Me?

This Sunday I have the day to myself – for the most part.  It is the last day I will have for weeks… and I honestly have no idea how I will spend it.  I received an e-mail saying that there was hope I had something special planned for me…

Which sparked this post…

Something special planned for me?

I, in these hours, hoped to do some cleaning of my house.

Is that something  “special?”

For many I know, a day on their own turns into hours shopping, spent with friends, a trip to the spa or some other beautification hot spot… It is a treat that is about being outside the house and with others over being solo inside the house… cleaning.

To many it might seem that such an activity is not so special.  In fact, it is part of every day life.  And yes, keeping the clutter organized is part of my every day life, but I have no idea when I last cleaned in the sense that I went through this and that and truly divested myself of “things” that are no longer used or needed.  

I have a box of my daughters clothes that need to be sorted and distributed.

I have winter clothes that need to be stored as every indication right now is that winter is a long and steamy way away.  

I have papers to go through and recycle.

I need to do as much simplification as I can – and these hours, on my own, will prove to be a perfect time to do it.  

It doesn’t sound like a special plan for personal time perhaps, and yet, simplifying, making more space, giving what we don’t need to others… right now, that sounds like a pretty special way to spend the day.  Where as in the past, I have spent these days with friends or engaged outside my house, this day I am looking forward to time with myself and some music, and the process of cleaning up and letting go.  


Aurora said...

Getting done what you want to do, adding to the feng shui organization of your home IS a special thing to do.

chaniagirl said...

I think this sounds like a fabulous way to spend your day: "cleaning up and letting go." Amen to that! x

The Exception said...

Aurora - Yes - something that makes my home more harmonious... that is a value added!

CG - I have been putting it off for a while now - it is time to get it started! I am actually somewhat excited.

Martian said...

I like this post, Exception. And I agree. It seems like I spend a lot of weekends in my garden, or inside organizing so that my world seems right in my mind, and many of my friends are confused because at this point in my life, I would rather spend my precious free days like that instead of taking part in something transient. At this point, I've pretty much stopped trying to explain.

I especially like this: I am looking forward to time with myself and some music, and the process of cleaning up and letting go.

Bravo, Exception, Bravo.

Wilma Ham said...

For me those decisions for a long time depended on 'how good I would look when I did them'. Would I look interesting, would I look smart blah blah.
It was always judgment outside myself that made me do things when the choice was on me.
I am with Martian, but it took me a long time to find out what *I* wanted. So I too say "bravo" on finding out what your *authentic* heart-centered choice is and doing it.
Have a great time and excitement is a great indicator your choice is authentic. xox Wilma

The Exception said...

Mr Mars and Wilma - It was a beautiful weekend - hot, humid, and perfect at home by myself weather.
I am still learning where I can find myself most and what I enjoy doing on my free time given travel isn't an option... but I am enjoying the journey!

dadshouse said...

A "me" day means you can do whatever you want. And enjoy it.