07 June, 2010

Just... so

Sunday saw my daughter and me up and out of the house early, beating the heat and the promise of storms.  We walked and chatted to our favorite piece of Europe in the middle of the DC suburbs.  We sat and chatted as we ate our breakfast, laughing with the people who passed by – a man with a dog, the bakery owners dad, policemen who had enjoyed their breakfast, and everyone else who passed our table.

  I felt like I was back in Europe.  Such casual meals with laughter and conversation, are what I loved about my time in Europe, especially in Italy.  

My daughter made sure to tell me that we didn’t need anymore flowers as I stopped to admire the hues of a wonderful large flowered pansy.  A run through the store to buy potting soil, and my daughter and I were off to meet her dad for her visit with his family, and then I was off to enjoy a day on my own.  

I anticipated cleaning… and I did do some.  At one point I found myself in the middle of my closet floor wondering just how one person accumulates so much… stuff.

I had anticipated a day of music and cleaning, yet when I arrived home, it was the garden that called.  

I quickly changed clothes, threw in a load of laundry, and headed out to plant.  

I spent time with my plants.  

I spent time with the flowers.  

Hands in the soil loosening it from the roots, I lived completely in the moment.

I can’t tell you what was on the radio while I worked just as I am not sure that I was fully ware of the changes in the weather as the front began to move into the area.  I can tell you about the plants.  I have added pansies and petunias to my garden – even some lilies from Kentucky.  After years of surrounding myself with geraniums, I have added the joy of the Johnny Jump-ups with their painted faces and happy smiles.  

This morning I checked the changes in my flowers, ensuring that they were adapting to the different environment.  

My Sunday didn’t happen as I had anticipated – it was perfect just as it unfolded and evolved.  

My plants didn’t wake this morning where they have in the past, yet they were cheery as they greeted me this morning.  

No longer is my garden the deep and vivid greens and reds and brilliants pinks of the past – it is now a compilation of these and the tie dye, and pastel colors of a changing life.  

Sunday, I did something special for me – I let it unfold, just… so!


bechtoldlifework said...

Now that would be a perfect day for me too. I love how you spoke of time just flowing while you were in the garden. You've planted a lovely word picture here. A delight to read!

Wilma Ham said...

"Just . . . so, . . . I had anticipated a day of music and cleaning, yet when I arrived home, it was the garden that called."
Isn't that how life is supposed to be.
Just so, let it unfold, no imprisonment by duties, no little voice chatter that tells you what is wrong and look what you accomplished.
I am sure that is really how we are supposed to live. Inspiring. xox Wilma

Davina said...

I'm envious of your gardening time. There's just something about the sweet, earthy smell of the... well... of the earth, lol. Sounds like a wonderful day. My friend and I had one of those days too; just yesterday. We went exploring a nearby island.

chaniagirl said...

I go out every morning now to check on the plants, even though I just watered them twelve hours before. I'm always amazed all the growing they do, just in the span of a night. I tell them all good morning!

Thank you for sharing your Sunday with us. Would that all of us would have more "just ... so" days. :D

The Exception said...

Patty – It was wonderful. Just me, the plants and the cats doing their thing. There is something about working with the plants that brings me a little peace.
Wilma – Yes, the flow of life like that is wonderful. There is a sense of peaceful magic when I find it happening… and it did again this morning. The day seems to take on a different tone…
Davina – Exploring an island? Now that sounds like fun too! It is amazing what can happen when we just let go and live over trying to schedule ourselves and plan.
CG – I am out every morning now too… I pluck and check, and wonder and talk to the plants and the cats who join me… we are waiting for some lilies to bloom!

Sara said...

I loved reading about your Sunday. I have missed visiting. Gardening is such a wonderful nurturing experience and I am pleased that you allowed yourself to just be "in the moment" with your flowers.

What a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing it:~)