08 June, 2010

Songs of a Life Thus Far?

My daughter and I started our joint writing ventures a year ago.  We both enjoy writing; she wants to be an author after she has finished her other careers; and between the two of us, we have experiences to share.  Writing together is a bit more challenging than I would have thought – largely because the kid is ten and has a lot about language and flushing things out to learn.  As her mom, I find myself unable to teach her at this point so she will learn from her own experiences and others… and until then, we are trying something different.

While in Georgetown a few weeks ago we found a duet journal in which mother and daughter are each asked to answer questions, writing experiences, and thoughts.  The questions are about the daughter’s life now, the mother’s life past and present, and the relationship shared.  While I have to stop and consider the questions that I am asked to answer, she writes with ease – thoughts flowing like ink through the tip of a pen!

For example – I am asked to write on my thoughts and feelings the first time I was home alone with her… I remember where I was.  I remember how old she was.  Yet, I can’t remember how I felt.  I wonder how often we forget the first days and weeks of the life of a new born and our lives at that time?  I remember breaking my ankle when she was seven weeks old… and the challenge of that and working.  I remember her crying for hours (it seemed) on end starting about every evening at 9:00.  I remember feeling on my own.  I remember her laughing and bouncing and the joy of being up on two feet and moving… she was just 8.5 months old.  I wonder, though, how much I have forgotten.  

There are also fun questions – most embarrassing moments – favorite things to do together; things we talk about…

Oh and if you were a movie producer making a movie of your life, who would be the characters and what would it be about?

The question that currently has me stumped (okay, one of the many) is my 10 favorite songs!

My daughter went through in minutes and listed her favorites – most of which are from musicals outside of Elton John’s “Don’t go breaking my heart” which she loved on the Muppet Show…

I considered the question… 40 years of music started making its way through my brain…

Top 10?  

40 Years of music and I am to pick my favorite 10 songs...

In one of the John Sanford books I read, the detective made a list of the top 100 must have songs for travel (as I remember it).  He had difficulty picking 100 – I just have to choose 10!


Help me out here – what are your top ten favorite songs – the top ten songs of your life thus far!!!



LesleyG said...

Ohh, I have always been too non-committal for a Top Ten. I have a Top Three, and then after that there are just far too many to narrow down. But, my Top Three are: Moon River, You Don't Know Me, and Come Monday. I love them all, for different reasons, and never compromise on those.

Sara said...

Wow. I like this challenge you and daughter have taken on. Will she share some of her thoughts at your site?

Top ten songs...you're right this is tough. Lesley helped me some because Moon River is one of my favorites. Let's see...

Josh Groban--You Raise Me Up and You are Loved
Beach Boys--Little Deuce Coupe
U2--Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
Michael Buble--Home
Indigo Girls -- Ghost and Galileo
David Lanz--Cristofori's Dream
Willie Nelson--Stardust
Cat Stevens--Moonshadow
Moody Blues-- Tuesday Afternoon and Nights in White Satin

Okay..Okay..I'll stop here, but this was fun:~)

The Exception said...

L - Those are good... and at least you have a top 3!
Sara - Her songs are largely from musicals... The child is Broadway bound though she is sure she is going to be a ballet dancer! You have a good list too - Every time I read something I think of another to add...

Brian said...

Here's a random 3 of my own top 100

Jim Croce - "Cats Cradle"
Metallica - "Enter Sandman" (It's a lullaby - really!)
Allman Brothers - "Jessica"

Than there's that banjo/guitar duet from Deliverance, an a capella version of the Dead's "Uncle John's Band" that is captivating and my own HS band's rendition of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". (Which I really need to convert to digital some day)

Oh man, that was fun getting only that far in. Inspiration to add to the library!