27 July, 2010

busier than Expected

It is a crazy week. 
I thought I would have time to write - time to create. 
Instead I find myself exhausted by the time I get home wanting only to check in with work and then hit the hay!
That makes it sound as if I am having a miserable week - but I am actually enjoying myself greatly. 
There is a relaxed time with the kid in the morning.
There is ample smoothie oppertunity during the day while I sit at the laptop surrounded by others with laptops!
And if I get tired of one setting, I can pick up and change environments completely - how  I do love that. 
There are people and languages from all over the world. 
There is a morning walk across a bridge as I leave Virginia and arrive in DC.
And there is music and dancing on sidewalks (no joke) on my journey home. 
I am not getting done all that I had wanted to get done, but there is still time.  Mostly, I am loving the time with my daughter and all that we are both getting from the experience. 
And how I love crossing that bridge in the morning... it is a highlight to my day.

1 comment:

Wilma Ham said...

Dear TE, what an absolutely lovely picture are you painting here.
I love it and good on you for making your life this great. Inspiring. xox Wilma