23 July, 2010

More Bold?

I have started several posts – each thoughtful and filled with introspection.  Yet I am having difficulty finding the words to finish each.  I am in the mood for fun, for different, for something else.  Thursday Tess posted a few quotes on “Bold,” asking the question – what would you do if you were 10 times more bold?

Now, that could be fun!!

What would I do were I 10 times more bold than I am?

First, I am not sure if I would ever use the adjective “bold” to describe myself, which doesn’t mean that I am not bold, it just means that I have never considered the idea.  My daughter, on the other hand,  is bold.  It is one of the characteristics she didn’t get from either her father or me – it is all her, and it is something I hope she maintains throughout her life.   

But what about me?

To answer that, I had to actually read the definition.  I know bold when I see it, but that doesn’t mean that I know what it really means.  To my amazement, I am bold.  It is not my daughter’s bold, just as she doesn’t fit each definition, but I am bold in my own way. 

With that in mind – What would I do were I 10 times more bold?

Ah, the possibilities…

Would I throw caution to the wind, wave bye to family, and pack up the house relocating to another country?

Would I draft my résumé trusting that the universe would understand that location and flexibility are still important to me – appreciating my choice to have two more years of mother/daughter time?

Would I throw all caution to the wind and actually attempt to seriously flirt with a man over the fun and friendly flirting I love?

For someone who doesn’t exactly color within the lines or buy into the societal norms, the idea of being “more bold” asks me to forget the reasons I have made the choices I have to this point – or just to set them aside – and think… the sky is the limit – what would I do?

Would I sell everything and move to that Villa in Italy that calls my name? Would I pronounce, in bold letters, we are going on a cruise from Rome in 2012 – putting it out there knowing full well that I have no idea how I am going to make this happen but trusting that it will happen all the same. 

Would I throw all caution to the end and actually start to type my life’s story on this site not caring who read it… okay, that is more bold than I feel right now, but maybe some day!

Two years ago I might have been able to answer this question with a clear and definite answer.  Even a year ago, in the midst of my journey through the rabbit hole, the answer might have been more clear. 

Today, as I sit considering my options, I realize that I live a bold life in most arenas.  There are choices that I am making that might not seem so bold and yet, I am consciously choosing that direction with the power and ability to change my mind.  Admittedly, however, when it comes to men… I am not exactly bold in that I have never actively flirted with the intention of something happening.  Yes, nearing 40 and I have no clue how to pick up a guy! 

This question so intrigued me on Thursday that I sent it to different friends – men and women – asking them not to think but to read the question and type.  The answers were enlightening and exciting.  One friend wrote that she wanted to quit her job and start the business that is forming in her mind... I loved it, responding – “How can I help!”

People being bold… for some it is about taking that first step to a professional goal.  For others it is an emotional step, the realization that a broken relationship has cracks despite attempts to make it work.  Bold can be anything from doing a little dance when the urge hits or singing in the shower or advocating for change or looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing the truth after months of denial.  Or, Perhaps it is actually flirting for real over simply being friendly and fun?

Your turn, do tell:

 What would you do were you ten times more bold?  (Don’t think about it, just type!!)







Thank you Tess for the inspiration.  


Anonymous said...

Wild flirtation? Villa in Italy? What's not to love about that??

I wonder if the issue isn't lack of boldness, so much as it is wishing to give our children the kind of security that grounds them. So we sacrifice to do so - including some of our dreams.

Now as for boldly going where no woman has gone before... I'd take a trip to Italy, but a flat in Paris. And I know exactly where.

Sadly, no way to finance that little dream! But it sounds good, doesn't it?

(Great post!)

BigLittleWolf said...

Hey Exceptional One! (That was moi - BigLittleYou-know-who, but my computer burped.)

See - even my laptop wants that apartment in Paris!

Lad Litter said...

You ask tough questions, Exception! There's a fine line between being daring and reckless for me. I've never been all that good at judging it. If something turns out well, it was very daring of me to attempt it. If it doesn't, how could I be so reckless?

The Exception said...

BLW – Ah, a flat in Paris… I am reading a book set in Paris right now and a flat there sounds nice too! I have changed my dreams to give my daughter the security and the foundation I want her to have – and yet sometimes I rebel against this notion. Would it be so bad for her to be a gypsy or a nomad as I kind of lived for a few years? The joy of parenting!!

LL – Now that might be a different “bold,” yeah? Bold is out there taking the risk and the chance to fulfill a dream or a desire – living your life over the life of another?

BigLittlWolf said...

Exception - I would've moved back overseas years ago, if I could have, but given my situation with the kids, that would never have been possible. And it's ironic, because they're half European, and my elder is as drawn to the same countries as I am.

So, while I wasn't able to give them a gypsy life, I gave them a multinational life all the same, and I'm glad. And one of the two has that gypsy spirit in him.

(And long ago told me he'd love it if I wind up in Paris!)

Kids do surprise us, don't they?

Wilma Ham said...

Bold should be normal, considering it is about following your desires.
I am getting bolder the older I am getting. First moved to NZ, then later I quit my job, sold city house, moved rurally where not even the mailman wants to go, started my own business and still going bolder.
It is scary sometimes but I am ALIVE.
Your time will come but keep those dreams alive. xox Wilma

TALON said...


I tend to think of it as being brave rather than bold. Brave enough to follow through on hopes and wishes without the encumbrance of fear - of either success or failure.

I think bold has a negative spin in my head - thanks to my Mom who considered boldness almost rude. Funny how those word-association feelings linger - lol!

I'll have to rethink bold. And I hope to continue to be brave.

Sara said...

Wow. This is an interesting fun post. Just write...

I would have a public photography show.

I would move to the beach permanently or to another country. Switzerland comes to mind.

I like this post...a lot. Do more like them:~)