30 March, 2011



There is no better word to describe my life right now than “Fluid.” 

Every day, it seems, there is something new or a different window opens.  I am, at the same time, exhausted and energetic; anxious and hopeful; afraid and excited. 

Life is fluid, there is just no other way to put it. 

After spending the first few days of this week and the last few days of last week running and thinking and “doing,” I find myself with a little more time to breathe at the moment. 

And I am taking advantage of it. 

Of late I have taken great interest in the creative world… Not art exactly but the different creative things that people are doing; the risks they are taking; and the ideas that they are turning into reality.  It is wonderful to see and serves as a wonderful example as to the things that we can do (and do ) every day. 

It reminds me that there is life out there that is not rooted in controversy, politics, and budgets!! 

And that is something I not only love but believe is worth sharing.

Today it is something fluid –

Today it is a Living Sea Sculpture that is designed to help rebuild and vitalize – something that adds hope to a life form that is diminishing in numbers for various reasons. 

It is about helping to establish a foundation for an ecosystem that we have, often without thought, destroyed.

It is fluid – It is ocean and life and nature.  It is hopeful and embracing change.  It is choosing to create and design something that doesn’t destroy but lifts and provides hope. 

And all of that is something I embrace right now – at this fluid point in my own life.      


LesleyG said...

Thanks for the reminder to let life... flow. :)

Sara said...

TE -- I liked this post very much and I'm pleased that your life is feeling "fluid" right now. Enjoy it:~)

BigLittleWolf said...

And when a new or different window opens, how do you keep it from knocking you over the edge of a precarious balance?

Molly @ Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce said...

I like this idea of fluidity. As you and I go through phases of uncertainty and change, the image of fluidity seems positive, creative, soothing, even. Thanks for that!