21 March, 2011

Ten Truths - Thank you Sarah Kay

This morning I woke to find lightening dancing through the skies.  I watched the storm pass and delighted in the brilliance and the whispering of the rain against the house.  The morning, the day, started fresh.

I am reminded that each day is a new beginning. 

I am reminded to lift my head toward the skies, open my eyes and my arms, and embrace all that appears over crouching behind an umbrella and burying my head in a jacket in an attempt to keep the world, and all that it is, away. 

The world is quite unsettled at this time – not only in Japan and New Zealand, but also in my own little world.  While I am delighted with the possibilities and the change that is upon us, I am aware of the uncertainty that surrounds us and the discomfort that this creates for my daughter. 

While part of me is very much alive; another part feels the responsibilities. 

This morning, as I sat preparing documents, I heard Sarah Kay, spoken poet, speak.  Inspiring, amazing, delighting, and again reminding of all that is possible.  One of the exercises she uses with her students is “list” writing.  She asks them to draft a list of ten things they know to be true.  In this list, not only do they learn a little about themselves, but they learn and see that some points on their lists are similar to the lists of others… and other people have points that offer new perspectives.  The exercise is a beginning of poetry writing, and it is one that allows for people to see and learn from one another.

So today, this rainy and yet sunny Monday, I will write my list of ten thing that, today, at this moment, I know to be true. 

Ten Things I know to be True

Change is consistent

The sun will shine

Chocolate is delicious

Learning is exciting; and there is so much to learn

Silence  is really golden

Walking or spending time in nature can change  moods

Sometimes feeling alone is overwhelming, whether that aloneness is a true condition or not

Risks offer treasures

There is great comfort in holding a hand

An open hart allows flowers to bloom.

There is something amazing about finding and seeing the brilliance of others…



My daughter is awesome.  I know that takes me to twelve’s, but my daughter really is awesome (as is her mom, I might add) and I can’t have a list of truths without including her brilliance!

And now – Do you have truths on this Monday… the first Monday in spring?




LesleyG said...

I know I want to think of my own list, that's for sure! Yours is lovely!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. it's great isn't it that we have 10 things that are certain and probably good in our lives ..

so the sun shining, another day, an opportunity to live life to the full, time to make someone happy and give a few smiles, thank friends and family, say I love you .. smell the flowers, breathe the Spring air .. listen to the birds singing ..

Exactly as Winnie-the-Pooh says above .. cheers and a big hug -Hilary xoxox

Belinda said...

Such a beautiful list, TE. I'd have a few similar on mine if I were to write my ten which would include what you say about change and chocolate!
I think this is a great exercise when one's world is feeling a lot more wobbly and unhinged than the usual. (Like right now for me also...)
Thanks for a lovely post.