25 April, 2011

And so.... What Does it Mean and Where do I go from here?

As my daughter worked her way through a hot yoga class, I sat in the lobby enjoying the silence and then chatting with a yoga teacher.  I learned that she is not only from my home state but also has her degree in the same field as do I - and she gave up the degree and everything involved to teach yoga full time. 

And for her it is working. 

Not only is it working, but she is loving life. 

"What is it you always wanted to do?" she asks

The answer is one I have difficult stating because it is orthodox and yet unconventional.  I am coming to terms with the idea though and the reality that from the time I was younger, I have wanted to teach. 

And yet, the idea of me teaching a classroom full of kids is beyond imagination. 

SO often the word teacher immediately brings to mind kids of differing ages screaming and controlling a classroom.  It is the vision of the current school systems struggling to keep good teachers and actually figure out how to teach kids under tight budgets and changing ideas as to what is education. 

It is the frustration that they experience, teachers that is, as they are forced to teach to tests; watch kids limited due to the current education environment; and given little respect by the governments or the public at large.  One need only look at the money allotted to the department of education to see the priority that we, as Americans, place on this institution or making it better. 

But teaching is more than that. 

It is what we do as parents.  It is often what we do as friends or as people.  It is what we do on the job if we are so inclined.  Teaching is a gift that we give to those around us whether we are teachers or not. 

A friend of mine is a natural teacher - which means that he is a great person, friend, and manager.  he is not a trained teacher but time spent with him is a lesson on life.  He is a leader; a manager; a teacher. 

It is not too out of the question for me to sit and think, from the earliest moment I can remember, I wanted to teach.  In my relationships, I attempt to teach.  The yoga teacher commented on how wonderfully I have taught my daughter. 

I am, at heart, a teacher.  And perhaps that is a reflection of my desire to give and share as much as it is a product of my being a student?

So, what does all of this mean?  And when I figure that out - where do I go from here??




LesleyG said...

I think that's a really special realization, even if you don't figure out where to take it right away. The other day I saw a quote that read something like "Our life may be the only instruction manual some people ever read" meaning live it well, for whomever may be watching I guess. And maybe that also means we can teach at any time.

Sara said...

TE - I agree with you. You are already a teacher with your daughter. There are so many ways to share teaching, other than via the school system.

I loved this question, "I am, at heart, a teacher. And perhaps that is a reflection of my desire to give and share as much as it is a product of my being a student?"

Perhaps it is your experiences as a student that makes you ready to become the teacher?

BigLittleWolf said...

Teaching is so important, and so undervalued in our culture. (I was talking to a high school teacher about this very recently - all the issues with our current mode of placing, evaluating, and retaining good teachers - or - not.)

And we do play the role of teacher, in our role as parent. Constantly.

As for figuring it out - when you do - send a little inspiration my way? I'm trying to figure out if I have the guts to move closer to what I want, but differently.

Hard to do when you're a little older (a lot more tired), and there's no "safety net."

But never say never...

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. I'm sure you'll find your niche .. our Massage Therapist moved from being a Nurse in the States to coming here and becoming a yoga teacher.

I'm not qualified - yet they say .. I'm such a good teacher .. just me. However like you I am looking - just a decade or two different!

I do feel you've got so much to offer the world as you're so wise, thoughtful and caring ..

It's where your heart leads you .. look after yourselves .. with thoughts Hilary

Melissa said...

I don't know where you go next, but it sounds exciting to be thinking it through, exploring the possibilities. Good luck!