11 April, 2011

A Wonderful Day to Everyone!

Today, this gorgeous taste of summer morning,  I was supposed to be at a meeting. 

Having to drop my daughter at school early, I took a moment to grab coffee and sit down to check e-mail only to find that… the meeting has been changed to Wednesday…

Only to find that on this morning, this warm, breezy, delightful morning, I am free. 

It doesn’t take much to leave me smiling these days.  It is as though I have been waiting all winter to burst forth and explore; to blossom and bloom. 

Tank and shorts, tennis shoes, a day with a few hours of being on my own to do the little things I want to do to prepare for Easter –

Friendly smiles, the sounds of people sharing laughter,

The desire to sit and write a post and say “hello” to everyone out there… and send them all wondrously warm thoughts and wishes!!

The desire to inspire, to be inspired, to feel inspiration… and to set forth and make dreams come true. 

Today, this day, feels ripe with possibilities. 

And perhaps it is where I am; perhaps it is April and my life seeming to change in wonderful ways in April; or perhaps it is this taste of summer and nature’s assurances that all will be okay…

And then again, it could just be that I am in a toe –tapping, soft hearted, love filled state of being!

Whatever it is…

Have a wonderful day!



BigLittleWolf said...

I think we can almost feel your smiling! (Love the new background, by the way.) And happy Spring!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. that release and then that little bit of freedom says it all .. and the better weather, longer days .. delighted to see that you're in a toe-tapping, soft-hearted, love-filled state of being = what a way to describe it.

You too may it continue to last - happy days .. Hilary

LesleyG said...

Woohoo! A canceled meeting and the chance to take advantage of it. There are fewer better gifts for a working girl! :)

giulietta nardone said...

Hi TE,

I know just how you feel. Had a free afternoon yesterday and thought it marvelous. Complete downtime to hoof it around the neighborhood, listen to some music, etc.

We drive ourselves into the ground at times with all our obligations.

Love "ripe with possibilities." Lovely ... Thx, G.