22 July, 2011

Catching Up

Today I started a much needed vacation.  
It started with a few hours spent straightening my desk, followed by some time spent with a new book.  And now, I sit in Starbucks avoiding the DC tropics with numerous other people.  
Today I sit remembering what it is to have the time and opportunity to write; and yet, I find myself wordless.  This is not unusual as each time I have tried to write a post in the past few weeks… I find that the words flow to a point and then…. there aren't words to finish the post or the thoughts.  
I like to think that this is a result of the turns that life has taken.  While I no longer express my thoughts here, I am writing and learning and expressing for hours upon hours each day.  
It is part o the quest to find balance again; the quest to transition into a life that only vaguely resembles the life I enjoyed just three months ago.
So here I sit, poised to embark upon my much needed vacation.  I anticipate hours of writing, reading, and catching up with different parts of my life that were sidelined due to long hours at work and more hours spent living and parenting.  i am looking forward to putting thoughts to screen again; to posting a few times; and to reading the wonderful ideas and stories penned by others.
It promises to be a vacation that is just what the doctor ordered - time, no work, and various forms of relaxation.  
And hopefully, I will be able to write, to finish thoughts an posts, and remember what it is to find the words flowing from my fingertips on fun and thoughtful topics over work related documents!
let the fun begin.  


Cinderella said...

Enjoy your vacation, Exception. Let it be just what your soul needs and wants.
Honor and respect yourself with relaxation and no work for the time being.
Read, relax and enjoy:)

And have you ever had lunch at 2941Restaurant in Falls Church, VA.? The setting is awesome, the food is delicious, and the price VERY reasonable. It is 20 minutes outside of DC, and I went when I was visiting this April and loved it.

Happy Saturday to you, exception!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. good to see you - and hope your obviously much needed break will relax you, give rise to some inspirational words and you'll have time to laugh, play and just enjoy life .. cheers Hilary

BigLittleWolf said...

Time off, introspection, transitions, words to give shape to all of that and more...

I wish you pleasure in all of it, TE. Long awaited, I'm certain.

Sara said...

TE -- Have a great one:~)