01 February, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

There are days when I will pull just about anything out of my hat to lighten the mood, create a smile, or just break the general seriousness of the office.
Today it was "Hey, are you old enough to remember REM?"
Now it didn't matter to me that the man I posed this question to is my age or that REM didn't end its run of music making in the 80s, all that mattered was that we were talking and chatting about something not so serious.
The conversation that followed was quite interesting. The woman next to me commented that one of their songs was the "big thing" in 6th grade *sigh* but hey, she remembers REM.
My memories of REM are diverse. I remember them in college and maybe a bit earlier or later than that. My strongest memory of them is dancing with a Swedish guy to REM in a retro pub/club in Dublin. now that is what I remember most about REM.
Monday another woman brought in a little noise maker that talks when you hit it...
And other women have ensured that there is a huge supply of chocolate on the front desk.
one would think that we are in the midst of the coldest and snowiest winter on record - but we are actually just a bunch of people dealing with a stressful (due to people) office situation... trying to bring in as many smiles as possible.
"I think we should put a sign on the office door, 'Welcome to the Jungle.' "
That idea was very popular, at least people visiting would be prepared.
I always think, "I can survive anything for short periods of time." But now I am realizing that it is one thing to survive, it is something else to do it with others... and when you are all doing what you can to bring smiles and laughter to the situation... all the better!

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LesleyG said...

I think that is so valuable. The only thing that got me through most days at my old office job was the group I worked with. If I could have lifted them out and set us all down into another place without scummy management, I would've been working in heaven. There is something to be said for the tribe. :)