28 June, 2012

I Dream of...

These days I dream of vacations. Of sand beneath my feet and the
sound of waves racing toward me.
I dream of not waking before the sun rises; of sleeping soundly; and
of hours that involve good books, laughter, or absolutely nothing but
Looking at the calendar, I see that, in my case, dreams aren't soon to
become a reality.
A cab driver once told me that Americans work too hard; never taking
I never thought I would become one of those Americans and yet, that is
exactly what I have become, a vacation-less worker bee- That's me.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi TE .. good to see you pop up again .. sorry about the worker-bee aspect - but at least you have some work. Life has its ups and downs .. your up will come, together with holidays and the fulfilment of those dreams ..

Enjoy the longer easier summer days .. cheers Hilary

The Exception said...

Hey Hillary - I don't know how long I will be back but for now, I am here and hoping to find some balance through writing again! Today is so hot that I think it is going to be quite a sauna of a summer!

Belinda said...

Hi TE, I can relate. My calendar does not seem to allow for a good, long vacation this summer either, what with my husband traveling for most of this month and my son starting at a year-round school this year. I've been taking four-day weekends here and there, which, though it has prohibited me from traveling far, has allowed me to get far enough away. I must say it's been a lot of fun really sinking into what I mostly thought of as backroad towns and countryside getaways. Maybe something like that could work for you and your daughter? If not, there's always the possibility of a Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation, no?