02 July, 2012

And June Ends

I sit in Starbucks watching the line on this Saturday morning. For Most of the morning people have taken up a position in that line prepared to wait forty-five minutes for their coffee and snack. I have listened to the conversations around me as we stand waiting - this line is a short line and people have driven miles to stand in it and other like it as my little corner of Northern Virginia seems to be one of the few areas with power.
Friday night I watched as the massive storm rolled through the area. Stretching a hundred miles in length, I thrilled at the light show unlike any I have ever seen - and being from the southwest, I fell in love with the beauty of the storm at an early age. the lightening didn't curve in forks and fingers from the sky to the earth followed by the variations of thunder. Rather, it li the sky from every direction as if someone were flipping the lights on and off in a theater; and, in the part of the storm that I saw, there was very little thunder. The wind went from nothing to sixty in mere seconds with gusts of eighty miles an hour. As quickly as it arrived, it ended leaving only a slight cool breeze to float through my now open windows.
It was amazing; it was awesome.
Apparently it was also destructive.
As I loved the theatrics and celebrated the post storm coolness as a break from the 104 heat of the day (with humidity it felt much hotter), people around the area lost power. Over a million people were without power when i woke Saturday morning. They face days, in record breaking heat, without power.
Nature gave us a gorgeous June, as it often does in this area. Today, on this last day of June and midway through the second week of summer, we are all reminded of the wonders of nature - the double sidedness of the coin. Nature is as powerful as she is beautiful. In the end, we can only sit back and accept what we are given.
And so, that is what we are all doing this morning. We are standing in lines at local Starbucks, going to the only movie theater with power, spending time in the local malls, doing what we can to find a way to enjoy ourselves on a weekend that promises to be record breaking once again... a day that Florida aspires to ... and we all know that Florida is nothing if it isn't hot and humid!

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