26 March, 2007

Check it out

How much time do men and women spend looking/checking out members of the opposite sex? Interesting question. Sometimes I think that I am completely out of it... okay, most of the time. I never really check out the men around me; thus, I am shocked when I catch myself doing it.

My daughter and I went to Starbucks the other afternoon. It was nice outside and, well, there were people sitting outside etc. It was one of those times when I checked out the men around me; I mean, really checked them out. Of course, I then found myself wishing that I was wearing a bit more than my "mom wardrobe!" There were definitely some attractive men sitting outside... o la la!

I have had lunch with men who explain that men are always checking out the women within their environment. It is just part of the male mentality. I guess the question is, do men follow their instincts; approaching a woman in such a situation and chat or whatever?

I have heard of this happening... the line"I saw you and had to...or..." "I have never done this before..."

Then there are those situations in which you find yourself wishing that you would have said or done something differently or something at all...Why didn't I... I could have...

Are they missed opportunities? Is the universe watching out for each of us, thus, when it comes down to it, it is truly a matter of timing?

Oh, and lastly, there are those people who just "stick" in one's head even if or when the situation has ended or not worked. "Pop" they are in your thoughts. Why is that?!

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