28 March, 2007


Beauty... this undefined quality and standard for which women around the world aspire. One can pick up any magazine and see what we, as a society, have determined to be "beautiful." But it is so much more vague than that. I read somewhere that the ideal woman, to any given man, happens to be the woman he loves at the time. Interesting thought. This doesn't mean that he is not going to find other women attractive; simply that, as I understand it, the body that he loves is the one that he finds ideal for the duration of that love.

I would love to have some thoughts on this as it doesn't completely make sense to me. I mean, how many men watch their "love" waste away before their eyes through plastic alterations, bad diets, over exercising etc... while others watch their "love" gain fifty pounds after marriage (or more). Just because you love these women, does the altered state of their body remain desirable; the ideal?

Back to beauty for a moment... is ideal necessarily beautiful? How much of ideal is superficial while how much of beauty is about the life and inhabits the body and provides the spark, animation, and emotion?

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