21 March, 2007

The World of Men

Ah, the world of men...

My office is quite an interesting mix of men and women. There are a few women running the roost, but, to be frank, it is mostly the men in control with the women serving in the more junior positions. Don't ask me how many women have kids... as I think it is about 5% if that! Watching the interaction between the two genders is quite interesting. We have young women who play down their femininity in order to fit into the "male" role. We have the "above 35" set of women who do not play down their femininity , but we also don't flirt to the same degree as those women who do play down their natural assets. And then we have the women who play well with men but not with women. Better stated, they play well with the men that matter.

This brings me to the point of this post... how is it that men, the men that matter in this case, do not see through such women? Or is it that you simply choose not to see through the behavior to the real person? I have seen women get ahead by playing some kind of game, and yet they are not successful once they arrive at the top as they can not pull the wool over the eyes of other women or some of the men in the company. Thus, who has been served by promoting such behavior?

Are men so in need of complements and flattery? I would have thought that men, in higher positions, would be accustomed to praise and not fall for the giggling and eye fluttering of a sweet young thing? But then, what do I know about the world of men! (Not much!)

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