12 March, 2007


I think that every man should, at one point, read at least one romance book. Silly right? I mean, I don't like these books so I don't know what men would find in them outside an understanding of the sort of men women think that they can find! I read an article somewhere suggesting that men spend a lot of time at work or focusing on their careers as they know how to succeed at work where success is much less certain at home, with a woman, etc. Believe it or not, this actually made perfect sense to me. Having read a few romance books (I prefer mysteries) I know what a large percentage of women are reading and wanting to believe they can find for themselves. The author of the book does not add a disclaimer stating that the behavior of the male lead in this book is purely a figment of her/his imagination! Between romance books and fairy tales, men are truly fighting a losing battle. unless they can find the woman who has based her expectations on reality over the fiction that she reads.

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