09 March, 2007

The "Move"

I remember an episode of Seinfeld in which Jerry and George talked about the "move." This intrigued me then and intrigues me now. I suppose that there are men out there who are just naturally good at everything and don't think about their "moves" or simply don't care if they are good or not.

Jerry and George talked about a "move" that just drove women wild. I don't think that I have experienced such a "move." (But don't tell anyone that... ;) )

I would think that men, with less in the way of length, would have moves. As one reader commented, it is about the way a man moves; uses what he has etc that matters. I am curious... do you guys have "moves?" DO they work, if you have them?

Considering all the men with whom I have been, I wonder of any of them have "used a move" without my realizing that they had done so? I have to admit that there isn't a lot of originality in my past experience; mostly straight forward thrusting, few hip gyrations, position changes... and that is about it. Am I missing out on something great????

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