13 March, 2007

When it doesn't work

The male anatomy is fascinating. You guys spend so much time and effort discussing and worrying about the size of your endowment while women are much more concerned with the reality that, regardless of the size, it might not work! Even though there are various ways to provide excitement, there is nothing quite like penetration. For me, it is a big deal and something that brings more satisfaction and excitement than most other means of stimulation. It isn't a size issue, but a intimacy issue I suppose. In the grand scheme of things, it is one of the things that I enjoy most. That said, it is a bit disappointing when things don't "work" like they should, leaving me feeling a bit pinned up and less than satisfied.

I am sure that there are lots of reasons why things don't "work" as they should; and it is probably not anything that the guy can do anything about. It probably happens to everyone. Gentlemen, I hate to say it but... honestly, plastic is not a substitute for the real thing!

I suppose that the most difficult aspect of this biological issue is that, after a certain point, I believe that there is something I could do or should have done to prevent it from happening. Thus, the biological becomes something that I take a bit personally. I have had men tell me that it isn't my fault; they really want me, things just aren't working. But when this happens for months on end... how can I not believe that there I something more to it than a biological mystery?

The one that truly gets me is when it works for the internet and yet doesn't work for me?

Can anyone explain this biological mystery to me? I would love insight as to why it works for the internet and not for me... and the guy says that, beyond doubt, he wants me... and only me (outside that very sexy singer he has a thing for!) ;)

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The Provocateur said...

i hope you get to see my cock. the fact that it gets attention is all i need to ensure that i am up and working for you.

i like your style and would love to devour you...