15 March, 2007

A hoot & Size

Today is "free" coffee day at Starbucks! How can one not take advantage of such a treat? I thought that this was a grand idea given that the temperature is fabulous outside, I didn't want to spend all day in my office, and well, it is free Starbucks... ? What they failed to mention is that, what is free, is actually a tall "drip" coffee. This is great for people who want hair on their chest and have stomachs made of iron, but for those of us who prefer a milder blend (and, I admit it, are wimps) it is not exactly a treat.

I was there, the coffee was free, and well, I decided I might as well. As I was walking back to my office, a guy honked his horn and hooted before I rounded the corner. Hum. This behavior has always puzzled me. I do not understand the point of the exercise... see attractive, or unattractive, woman on the sidewalk... and what? Does something in your brain flip a switch resulting in whistles, honks, shouting, hooting, or even, for some women, rude or distasteful comments?

On another note, one of men's favorite notes at that, I think that, if a guy has a reasonably sized endowment, it does relieve him from some of the pressure that men, in general, may feel when it comes to women. The size doesn't matter if he already has all he needs, which gives him more time to consider other aspects of his actions, e.g. how to use his hands, mouth, timing, ability to perceive what a woman wants etc. Without the security in his size, he has to worry about these things plus... how many inches he has to work with in his pursuit of the title "amazing!"

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