28 March, 2007

She Doesn't Know She's Beautiful

I think that women probably frustrate men in so many ways. We want to know that we are attractive and such, but we also want men to be honest. We don't want our "man" to be checked out but we are flattered when he is. I love it when the guy I am with is seen to be attractive by other women. I do not respond territorially or anything. Similarly, I do not mind if women flirt with him. I know that it makes him feel both desirable and confident in how he is taking care of himself etc. Who doesn't like to be appreciated.

For women, the idea of being found attractive is a mixed bag. Attractive women are thought to be less than intelligent. They question whether the men are more interested in them for their body over their minds... and of course, there is the idea that men just want an attractive woman on their arm; a status symbol. Can women be attractive and intelligent at the same time? Is the combination too much for a man to handle?

I like men who know that they are attractive and just don't really care. Do men find that same quality attractive?

For women, looks are important but only when we are with other women, seeking a man, or feeling unattractive. Pretty weird, right? It is up to the man to determine when we are in one of those "moods" as it is at that time that he is charged with reminding us just how beautiful we are, to him.

I don't think that I have ever been called "beautiful", attractive, great body, both of these things... hot even, but beautiful is not normally a word that I hear in regards to myself. I don't know what to make of that.

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