05 April, 2007

driver's seat

There are definitely times when I can relate to men. When you first meet me, I am quite the quiet, conservative (kind of) woman. You have to look very carefully to find a hint of the sex kitten that lives within. That said, that kitten is definitely there, and is ready to play when the time arrives. It just takes flirtation, comfort, and well, timing. That kitten is quite creative and will happily take the initiative.

It is in that way that I can relate to men. From what I have heard, men are usually the instigators for an intimate act. They are the active pick-up artist, set the tempo and will move things along, and are charged with figuring things out as the actions intensifies. I can totally relate.

I have been in relationships in which this job falls squarely upon my shoulders. If the action moves, it is me that moves it. If I am happy just kissing, then I don't have to do anything as that is where things are going to stay. I am not saying that I don't like a man who takes it slow and doesn't want to put pressure etc, but there is something to be said for taking turns initiating and leading the way. There is also something to be said for gauging the situation to see where things are etc.

I happen to enjoy sex... in various forms and at various speeds. I have been known to celebrate when Mr.. Testosterone makes an appears... and takes my breath away.

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