06 April, 2007


I recently found the site by Useless Men" out of Canada. It is quite clever, well written, and a great way to break up a dull day in the office. I was somewhat surprised to read that these guys are Canadian though. My idea of Canadian men, based on very limited experience, is not overly flattering. They seem to be all about facial hair, hockey, and beer. That said, the most attractive man I have ever seen (in person) was from Montreal, so take the stereotype for what it is worth.

This blog is great. Some of these Useless Men have a great sense of humor; however, I must admit that, in reality, men are far from useless.

Men tend to give better and more well founded advice than women, weird, but true. Women can over think, over analyze, or may see what they can get out of it. Men are just about the facts.

With men, you tend to get exactly what you get. There just aren't a lot of nuances, games, that sort of thing. This does not mean that men are above board and honest all the time, but, they are less complicated in that there isn't usually a "what did he mean by that" underlying advice or statements.

Let's not forget that men have some great physical attributes that are definitely "not" useless... I don't need to go into them here and now, I am sure that you can figure out the attributes about which I write...and their size is irrelevant!

Perhaps men often go undervalued as a group. We are always hearing about the negatives associated with being male or what they do or do not do... in the end though, I would hate not to have men in my life. Sure, they are frustrating and work oriented, but they are also necessary aspects of life.

It isn't like you can exchange banter with a woman like you can a man...

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Martini said...

Thanks for the write up, and glad you enjoy the site. It's a tough job staying useless, so submit questions whenever you think of them - otherwise, our site would truly be useless.

As for the cheerleader post - my posts don't necessarily reflect my true thoughts or feelings. They are intended to spark thoughts, a smile, or conversation.

Maybe that's a question for the useless men - "why are American men posing as Canadian men to ruin Canada's reputation?" or uh, something like that.