04 April, 2007

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire

Balls... let's chat about them for a minute.

Did you guys know that they come in different sizes? They actually do. I figured that, regardless of the length and girth of their sidekick, they all came in pretty much the same shape and size. They all serve the same function, so what would require them to differ in appearance? (Of course, using that logic, their sidekick should be the same size and such for each man, and, well, we all know that "man" is not created equally)

Okay, so they are all different in size; some sacks being smaller while others are just huge. (Maybe when they say hung like a horse they are referring to the sack of balls and not...?)

For me, the size is irrelevant. I mean, they serve a purpose and different men enjoy varying degrees of stimulation and touching etc, but for the most part, they are simply another part of the male anatomy that is interesting, fun, functional, and well, weird.

However, have you ever noticed that men, unlike women, are truly interested in the size of everything? When a man first sees a woman, he is measuring her up, estimating her breast size, considering this and that dimension. Similarly, from the time they become aware of the sensations experienced in the groin, men are concerned as to whether they are "big" or "small" and measuring themselves against... what? I have yet to figure that out... what are you guys comparing yourselves to?

Who knew that ball size was just another "big" that grabbed the attention of men. Men like big balls! Why???? What is the draw?

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