09 April, 2007

Exploring the Blog World

I never realized that there are so many people out there writing about so many different issues. I finally decided to wander through a few blogs this past week. I think you can read just about anything on a blog. They are not as easy to search as I had hoped; however, that did not stop me from trying.

Was it my imagination or are most blogs, that are not technical in nature, written by women? Although I enjoy reading the blogs of my female friends and would gladly search out a fellow single mothers advice from time to time, the blogs that interest me the most are those written by men regarding their experiences as men, fathers, people... you know a world that is vastly foreign and unexplored, to me. I work with women, can pick up the phone and call a woman at any time for female perspective; but how many men are that available for conversation?

Not only are some of these blogs interesting, but they are informative, well written (those that I have found thus far) and some of them are quite funny. Within a matter of weeks, I have become one of those people who checks this or that blog daily to see what is happening or if anything new has been posted.

A friend of mine does not see the point to a blog. Logically, I am not sure that I do either. I was never one to journal; I am a private person in general; and yet, I am drawn to write thoughts to be posted on the internet for them to be potentially read by complete strangers. I like the idea of writing gout my thoughts. I am also drawn to the idea that, someone who does not know me or my history, can comment, offer an option or a perspective that differs from mine. Perhaps it is an attempt to communicate. More, it is the chance to think about things from a different perspective.

I have a feeling that my relationship with the blogging world has only just begun!

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kapgar said...

It only gets better as you become more immersed in the wonder that is blogging. I was never one to journal either. But I love doing this, discovering new people, and reading what there is to read out there. It's a fantastic, but incredibly time consuming. I have passed blocks of hours and never realized how much I time I just spent.